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Disquietude: Preview

Leslie Barlow, Curator

What happens in the places of unease and the unfamiliar? If we are able to take the risk and leap into the void, potentialities thicken, mistakes loom…expansion is promised. Often as artists we are asked to overcome obstacles and fear in service of the possibilities that lay just beyond the current state of our own practices. Often as people we navigate spaces of transition and unrest, clinging to the hope of what could be just on the other side. Over time in our own lives, and over generations, we have built up knowledge, skills, and patterns to navigate the unknown––yet we can still feel immobilized and defeated by new challenges and risks. Curated by Leslie Barlow, this show is a collaboration between her and six artists from the artist collective and program Studio 400. Each artist approaches questions around fear, the unknown, growth and resilience in different ways that reflect both internal and external tensions with these concepts––concepts that feel increasingly poignant and unstable with each passing month of 2020.

ARTISTS: Leslie Barlow, Bris Carbajal, Philipo Dyauli, Sarah Nicole, Jacqueline D. Nuzzo, Maiya Lea Hartman, and Taylan De Johnette

SHOW DATES: September 10-November 20


Top: Ellen by Leslie Barlow; untitled work by Jacqueline D. Nuzzo; Self Offering by Sarah Nicole.

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