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Art Study Coaching with Jodi Reeb

WHAT: Art Study Coaching is personalized phone/video meetings once or twice a month customized for us to connect and talk about your work created in your studio. Jodi will provide support, art direction, suggestions and (maybe assignments) and/or feedback. You will bring your own unique ideas, questions and creativity to the meetings. She hopes to inspire and encourage you to push your work further by challenging yourself as an artist. And lastly, to keep a creative connection in your life during this unprecedented time!

WHEN: You have the option of meeting with me virtually once or twice a month for 30 minutes each or once for one hour. Jodi is open to supporting you in whatever way you may need. She also could demonstrate LIVE with you as we paint together!

This process does several things:
1) it helps you as an artist stay on a regular work schedule,
2) it helps you focus and evolve the work as you further explore your ideas, and
3) it helps you develop a consistent body of work.

Besides offering feedback, she can also help with:
– online exhibition opportunities and resources
– how to price your work
– your career goals
– Anything else

WHO:Jodi has been dubbed the “Painting Doctor”! Artists she has worked with have said that Jodi am good at giving helpful feedback about their paintings about what’s next. She can also support you with technical ideas regarding encaustic, acrylic and oil painting, printmaking, sculpture and drawing. Jodi supports you to find your unique voice and further your artistic development no matter the medium.

COST: Jodi is offering Art Study Coaching at $99 per month for either two 30-minute sessions or one hour long session. If you would like to talk about the possibilities, please call 612/247-1244 or email at jodi@jodireeb.com



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