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NOURISH/DEVOUR – Online Exhibition


Nourish/Devour is a series of images about our inter-dependence with nature. Species are becoming extinct and there is a litany of transgressions in the way we raise food and consume our daily bread. We have the ability to nourish nature, to care and protect the earth – Nourish or Devour.

This series pares a cooking implement with a nature subject to draw attention to the relationship between what we eat and the natural world. I am interested in the visual tension that is created by nature’s organic shapes and the machine-made forms of the cooking utensils; the contrast of seemingly three-dimensional nature subjects coupled with the flat, graphic two-dimensional presentation of the silverware; and by color versus black and white.

The images are printed in the darkroom from black and white negatives with a cooking utensil placed on the photo paper during the printing process creating a print that combines a photogram with a photographed image. I then hand color the black and white photo. The finished print is matted in black with a velvet inset. Each piece is one-of-a kind.

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