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NE Tree House

326 Monroe St NE
Minneapolis, MN
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I’m Wendy Kieffer Shragg, and I’m an intuitively inspired artist who loves living a creative life.

I have faith that art matters. It’s one way we connect, heart to heart; to feel love, to feel understood, to know that we are not alone and that someone else shares our story. 

I believe that nothing is a coincidence; each person whose path we cross and every experience we have brings immeasurable value to this larger creative masterpiece we call life. 

I’ve learned that you can begin again…as many times as it takes. 

Here’s what I know for sure…

  • That self-care is not selfish care
  • That it takes courage to change…and a DAMN lot of it!
  • Being thankful is one of the most important parts of life

I love to travel, be near the ocean, drink strong coffee (with entirely too much cream!), and eat raspberry chocolate chip ice cream (thank you Sebastian Joe’s!) I can type freakishly fast. Being barefoot makes me happy. I have been known to choose a restaurant based on whether or not dining al fresco is an option. Most of all, I love the magical gift of finding pennies, hearts and smiley faces in the most random places.

I want to live in a world where technology takes a back seat when there’s a living, breathing human in the room, and dark chocolate is a daily dietary requirement.

I will never be too old to play, to learn, to explore. I allow myself to be guided by curiosity and delight and I’ve learned to always, ALWAYS trust the process.

I live my wild and beautiful truth. I dream, I create and I hope to inspire. It is my greatest gift and deepest joy to share my work with you.


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Wendy Shragg is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

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