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Thorp Building

1618 Central Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Welcome to this dream of mine, Here Beyond Further.

I am a painter, artist, teacher of mindful practices, living in NE Minneapolis with my husband and two children. My approach in the studio is a combination of practices, involving meditation; developing the habit of awareness.

My studio is practice space. Practice in retreating inward, exploring essence, developing the habit of awareness, alignment with this right here and now. A place for rambling articulations regarding infinite potential in being, through paintings exploring consciousness and the connective material unifying our existence.

I paint figurative, landscape abstractions expressing the weight external forces, distractions and ideologies tell our stories through the reels of imagery coming and going like an endless tide from our active minds. Inhales becomes exhales, expansion to contraction, disintegration to accumulation, nothing lasts and doesn’t cease to exist, it’s a reassembly of matter, like the paintings. Each one a different path to the same place expressing captured experiences of connectivity as the eternal present unrolls in its nonlinear nature, connected to past, future and the in between. It’s the state you’ve been pining after. Here beyond further.

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