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Apple Valley, MN
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Ayesha was born in a small town in southern Minnesota where she feels like she not adapted to the land but the land adopted her. Though Minnesota has its extreme weather conditions, she feels like this is where she belongs.

She started drawing horses around second grade and spent most of her time looking at art, photography, about horses and about dogs so she can observe and draw what she sees. Spending so much time in the library, checking out books on either horses, dogs,and books on drawing, she used them as reference photos to learn to draw.

Ayesha grew up with dogs. Her and her family, when she was in preschool , was living outside of town on a sheep farm.  The family had raised Collie and collie mixes. Two of them had left a lasting imprint upon her. One named Pamba, ( mixed Collie/German Shepherd) who watched her as an infant and would not let another person get near her. Another collie named Penny, saw her as a toddler, heading out to the road and moved her out of the way as trucks went by.

Later in Elementary School, her family had bought two horses. For Ayesha, this increased that passion for horses and it was horse everything, nothing else mattered. Later, as her parents split up, they were no longer able to have the horses. This is where the real artist began to emerge. She placed all her energy to healing wounds into pencil and paper.

And later, when Ayesha was in High School, her family raised English Bulldogs and she had a little frisky Boston Terrier named Fritz who’s nickname was Uggie.

When the family needed to move into town, Ayesha begin to focus more on school and community. After graduating high school she went to Mankato State University, (now Minnesota State University) majoring in Art and finished her B.A. at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She was the first person to go and graduate from college from her family.  She began her own family and slowly forgotten her natural path. Though she continued her education by taking extra classes in graphic design and photography at Grayslake Community Collage in Illinois. Realizing her old passion for animals and art, she discovered on her journey that she needs to be here, painting what she loves.

Her artwork shows her passion for her subjects. And her palette shows local color. She chosen to work with pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil.

She currently lives in the suberbs of St. Paul, Minnesota with her husband, two daughters, a blue front Amazon parrot, named Cricket, an rescued Mini Australian Shepherd, named Hutch and her daughters rescued cat named Penny.

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