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Thorp Building

1618 Northeast Central Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Interdisciplinary textile and new media artist

In my practice, I strike a balance between my love of working with traditional and modern craft techniques and experimenting with & recontextualizing those same processes.

I have experimented with various media, but have found a true home within quilting. I find the collage-like method of combining the fabric layers, piecing, and topstitching ripe for reinterpretation. I am inspired by the traditions of quilting and have found I can add my own voice and depth to my quilts by switching up the materials and processes with which they are created. I cycle through physical and digital modes of representing these ideas, and the experience the viewer has with my installations is a major consideration. Many of my works are multisensory which allows the viewer to be grounded within the piece.

My artwork is also a way for me to express emotion and create a specific feeling for the viewer. Many of my pieces are inspired by emotions I want to work through or inspire in others. Textiles, and quilted material especially, evoke a sense of nostalgia, family, comfort, and childhood that I lean into in my work. I want the experience a viewer takes away from my work to be one of respite, comfort, and thought-provoking calm.

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Sophie Hansen has an external system for taking orders, separate from this website.

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