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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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cell: Call 507-382-8525


I began doing art as a toddler and have always liked coloring. As I grew up I continued doing art and became more serious about it. I became interested in intricate works with a lot of detail, and this is something I have carried into my own artistic style. Art has always been very healing for me, and I love how my art evokes emotion in the viewers. I value community and being there for people, and love that art can help bring people together. Beyond art, I also like being out in nature, playing games, and singing.

I create a lot of artwork that is nature oriented or about community. I like my work to be fantasy inspired and idealistic. A lot of my art represents a utopian society I have created called Cressia. This society is based on the Roma people. Each Cressian person has four black triangles on their clothing that represent: kindness, compassion, reverence and recycling. The values that the Cressian people have are values that I find important as well. The Cressian people take care of the earth and each other. Houses and clothing symbolize things that are important to the citizens. In Cressia people live a long time, care for each other and the earth, and appreciate art. The idea of Cressia began while I was in middle school, and I started creating art to depict Cressia as a young adult. I enjoy abstract intricate pieces as well that have many colors in them. I typically use gel pen, colored pencils, pen and pencil to create my art. I love fantasy and because of that, I enjoy creating fairies as well.

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