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I was first introduced to mosaics in Ravenna, Italy in 2007 where I took an intensive one week class in classic Italian mosaic theory and method.  I have since travelled far and wide to learn from various teachers, learn how to use different medium and techniques, and have settled into my own voice by using stained glass, gemstones, minerals, beads, and mirror.  I create intricate mirror frames as my main focus but like to create fanciful dragons, magic doors, and sunflowers in between the mirror projects – a bit of a palate cleansing! 

Childhood memories of living in the mountains of  Colorado, astrology, quantum energy, sacred geometry, a love of rocks, and an interest in the mysteries of ancient civilizations swirl together to create the playing ground for my inspirations.  I adore working with crystals and gemstones not only for their color and beauty, but also for their energetic and metaphysical properties. The colors, design, and materials for each piece are infused with layers of meaning and function for each piece. The use of mirror is particularly enchanting to me.  I use mirror as a function of my mirrors, but also use it to create light and reflection underneath glass and gemstones. This technique is one of my favorites and it creates a bit of joy when discovered.

I work from my home studio in Burnsville, MN and enjoy traveling in and out of the United States taking mosaic classes, visiting gem and lapidary shows in search of materials, and studying metaphysical sciences to broaden my understanding of how energy, color, and healing intent can be combined in my art.

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