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Guest at: Flux Arts Building

2505 NE Howard St
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Map & Directions

Shari Zimmermann is a graphic designer and artist living in Delano, MN. A member and Director of the Buffalo Artist Guild, and advocate of Maple Grove Arts Center, Shari displays her work in Delano and Buffalo local businesses, Twin Cities area galleries, and her online gallery at

Shari’s art is inspired by weathered surfaces that show a history of human touch and evidence of time passed. Using acrylic paint, collage, stencils, brush and palette knife, her paintings draw on a variety of subjects connected to visual culture and the natural world. Her paintings use bold colors and textures to suggest energy, movement, the passage of time and personal memories that complement more traditional forms with an improvised, playful technique.

About the Matchbook Series:

The Matchbook series began with a visit to my family home in Stevens Point, Wisconsin shortly before it was put up for sale. Clearing out the garage, I found a small tin of matchbooks from the 1950s in a box of my dad’s stuff. These tiny, graphic gems advertising northern Wisconsin resorts, small town bars, and an idealized, nostalgic past were clues to my dad’s world as a young man and young husband. Names and places like Eagle Waters Resort, Deer Park Lodge and Jack’s Place provide insights to a part of his life never shared with me when he was alive, their names suggesting easy, casual establishments in sylvan settings. Bold mid-century typography and simple, graphic imagery of everything from pinup girls to sunsets on the lake make these small-scale designs come alive. This series connects me not only to my dad, but to my own childhood spent at the tail end of this era, and generally an era in which even mass-produced commercial objects had a charming, eccentric handmade quality I seek to replicate.

—Shari Z.


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Shari Zimmermann is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

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