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store is stocked!  🙂

The art shop is restocked every 4-6 weeks with original paintings, and fine art prints are always kept in stock.

A percentage of all original art and print sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood and Saving My Sisters and GoFundMe accounts of loved ones.

Dreamscapes – Fantasy Art – Geek Art – Portraiture

The paintings of Sarah Riley are inspired by nature, folklore, and dreams. Riley has a deep and sincere reverence for nature and the creatures that dwell there. The tradition of storytelling and making sense of the world through legends, lore, and creativity are an important part of every culture, and Riley strives to capture this narrative, story-like quality in her art. Riley’s background in Art Therapy and Ecopsychology have honed her lifelong belief that art IS therapy, and it is her ongoing goal to make art which elicits catharsis and serenity for its viewers.

Riley enjoys working in a variety of media, but her absolute favorite medium is oil paint. The buttery texture and innately vivid colors, as well as the transparent, jewel-like appearance, ensorcel her, and she finds joy and solace in every brush stroke. The familiar, repetitive motions of laying down the paint, blending and building it into meaningful imagery, feels like practicing magick.

Riley is also a proud sci-fi and fantasy geek and enjoys creating tribute portraits of her favorite fictional characters and factual artists.  


Note from the artist:  You can see my art in person at The Dancing Bird Gallery in Cumberland, WI (, and at Brickyard Pottery & Gallery in Shell Lake, WI ( – I highly recommend you check them out if you find yourself my neck of the woods. If you have a Dreamscape or portrait in your mind that you wish to make a reality, please reach out to me via email or social media to discuss a painting commission.  Check for upcoming art shows and events on my website!



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Sarah Riley is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/requests via my social media or email:


Online Sales

Sarah Riley takes online orders for shipping through this website.


Sarah Riley takes commissions.

Online Store

Dreamscapes link to this group

I started this series as a form of art therapy for myself, and it is my hope that the soft dreamy colors and textures, along with the natural forestcore aesthetic, will give their viewers the same feelings of peacefulness and calm that I feel while I’m making them.

Home Guardians link to this group

These wise protectors are painted on slices of indigenous trees.  Many trees are natural expellers of plants and creatures that would harm them. The acidity of the root system prevents many other lifeforms from growing anywhere near the trees, while also welcoming in compatible beings to grow close to the them.  Hang your Guardian so that it faces the main entrance to your home and it will help to welcome in good energy and positive vibes, while protecting your home from negativity and unwanted visitors.

Original Paintings link to this group

Portraits, fantasy, & geek art.  Original oil paintings.

Prints link to this group

High quality fine art prints.

Woodburning link to this group

Woodburnings on wood slice ornaments.

Stickers! link to this group

High quality, vinyl, weather-proof stickers.  Great for decorating and personalizing water bottles, laptops, notebooks, and pretty much anything you want.

Greeting Cards link to this group

High quality printed greeting cards, blank inside, and paired with matching envelopes.

Events & Classes

Nothing scheduled yet – please check back soon!

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