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From ancient through contemporary cultural, spiritual and secular traditions mandalas, or circular art forms incorporating geometric patterns, cultural and deity representations, and other energetic imagery, have been used for aesthetic, decorative and instructional purposes. Beyond the more mundane functions, mandalas also serve more esoteric purposes, being visual depictions, or maps of inner realms. Often these mandalas are used as a meditative preparation or focus with the intent of invoking a specific state of consciousness and/or insight. As a consciousness explorer, meditator and artist, these images have held a special interest for me. In my art making process, I seek to create images that document and stimulate specific states of consciousness.

My current spiritual-art explorations have generated the MandalArt Healing Image process. As part of this technique an “informational snapshot” is taken of a person or object. Original sources may be as varied as a sound or voice recording, writing sample, biofeedback file, e-mail, computer file, text or photo, which is then transformed into raw data in the computer, then run through a series of art filters. The resultant image is a unique aesthetic representation of the “parent.” This image can be “tweaked,” i.e., altering colors, forms, etc., to generate an energetic reaction or specific state of consciousness in its viewer, by-passing the inner cognitive judge to appeal more directly to intuitive aspects of self. In turn this process can encourage transformative insight and stimulate personal healing.

I have also created custom mandala energy portraits for individuals, publications, organizations and institutions and am available to create your individualized energy portrait or commission. Custom mandala portraits for persons function as “homeopathic art,” literally containing and expressing essential qualities of their parent, thereby promoting heightened personal health and self-awareness through an aesthetically invoked balancing of body, mind, heart and spirit. Portraits of places incorporate Feng Shui elements thereby reflecting and enhancing desirable, balancing aesthetic and energetic qualities of the unique space. Since each person and space is unique, each mandala portrait is a one-of-a-kind artwork, and although mandalas are traditionally circular, the portrait can utilize and assume limitless shapes and blending of forms, colors and artistic elements. Please contact the artist for references, exhibition and gallery lists and additional info.

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