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My intentions are that my pieces speak to you and tell you something about you, the person who is looking at it, the person it is intended for !

I am one who believes art is something that is a constant moving story. There is something very pure about it and with every stroke and color on the pallet, it tells a story, whatever that story is it is different for each person who is interpreting it. For the creator, it has a true intention and it comes from a place that is so deep within the soul and spirit that only you can manifest its true nature and intention not with words but only with color, a canvas, and the strokes of your brush. It is hard to explain unless you are the artist. When it is finished I look at the piece and think, yes that is what I needed to say but could not because there are no words to put down on paper to describe what that is saying.

              Rajeán Paulus


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