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My expressive abstract compositions all begin with a mark. From this mark, I respond over and over with more marks, blots, drips, stains, slashes, and scratches, each gesture informing the other, letting my intuition serve as my guide. My hands and mind seamlessly work together to both construct and then deconstruct materials. Liberal applications of water allow me to introduce the element of chance into my works and is the driving deconstructing force used to alter my original foundation. As water washes over my canvases, it leaves behind imprints, gestures, outlines and fragments of the original construction, choosing its own path thus redirecting the work. It is a give and take process that continues until I reach a place where I have a vibrant, textured, and layered composition. I see a parallel in the end result of the work to mimic that of my life. It is not linear, it is not perfect, it is layers upon layers, some beautiful, some tired, some faded, some falling apart, all working together to tell one small part of a larger story. It is through my memories and feelings that all of it comes together to reveal a moment. Everything you see on the canvas serve as visual metaphors of both tangible and intangible memories, feelings, places, objects, and spaces known to me.

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