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Rachelle Netland, is a central Minnesota-based artist that specializes in capturing the intrinsic beauty of nature, reimagining the imagery of plants, animals, and landscapes through an abstract lens. Rachelle’s artwork is characterized by its bold and spirited execution and her use of vibrant hues, inventive forms, and expressive gestures that imbue her work with a sense of mystique, energy, and life.

Embarking on her artistic journey with a single stroke, Rachelle’s process evolves organically, with each subsequent mark building upon the last. The deliberate introduction of water and the embrace of serendipity play crucial roles in her method. By adding water at key stages, she alters the artwork’s trajectory, allowing for fortuitous developments that steer her pieces towards exciting, unforeseen pathways. This dynamic approach lays the foundation for her paintings.

Rachelle’s passion for gardening and exploring new terrains deeply enriches her life and art. Her formative experiences in her grandmothers’ gardens sparked her vibrant imagination, while her visits to diverse habitats such as oceans, lakes, deserts, and mountains leave lasting impressions that influence her creative output. Her works serve as homage to the intricate and majestic tapestry of the natural world that envelops us.

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