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Guest at: A-Mill Artist Lofts

315 SE Main St
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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Every person has an inner self waiting to emerge, longing to be discovered; I see the inner beauty of discarded objects and help them to realize their true identity. Working exclusively with cast off and recycled materials, the Haunting Trophies series combines organic elements and manufactured pop-culture items; objects whose superficial connection is nothing more than being left for landfill. Looking deeper, one sees the fabricated glamor of ornate vintage jewelry, opulent silk flowers, and the idyllic beauty of Barbie Heads, are not in contrast with, but rather compliment the organic elegance of antlers and animal furs. Fusing these seemingly unrelated materials, transforms the individual parts into one cohesive pop-culture totem whole; The result is Haunting Trophies – ghosts of their former selves, once living, once glamorous, always to be revered.

Each totem offers its soul, its core, arising from an amalgamation of its individual parts. They radiate unadulterated beauty and serenity. These Haunting Trophies evoke an ethereal peace and calmness. The goal of this series is not to dwell on the past, but rather to be humbled by lessons learned, and aspire to a state of elegance and tranquility. The deer antlers do not honor the hunter, nor do the doll heads symbolize (at times) manic childhood, instead they are the culmination of each item’s former self to create a thing of beauty, of reverence. In doing so, Haunting Trophies invites viewers to transform the seemingly fragmented pieces of their pasts into a beautiful, strong whole.

Sara Vidar was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, where she studied Fine Arts/Studio Arts at the University of Southern California. Prior to moving to the Twin Cities in 2010, Vidar has lived in Canterbury England and New York City, absorbing the art and culture of all her environments. Having traveled extensively, and an appreciator of all arts, she is forever drawn to the energy and reverence that is attracted to and projected by Religious Iconography and Folk Art/Self-Taught artists. Vidar brings this symbiotic relationship into all her pieces, inviting viewers to relate to her work at a visceral level rather than from a cerebral ivory tower.

Sara Vidar lives in West Saint Paul, MN with her triplet boys and three dogs.

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