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My love affair with painting has been present my entire life, but in more recent years I have let go of inhibitions. I’ve “shushed” my inner critic and am creating and producing at warp speed as though my life depends on it – because it does! Something has been ignited in me and I am driven…. I keep going and just want to ride it out.

Riding it out involves my continuous journey to express myself through color, movement, working with intuition and the rawness of every moment. My work is filtered through my road-weary, sometimes jaded and warped mind with a unique “woman-elder” perspective. It’s pure feeling, mainly allowing chaos to self-organize into a form that might be understood visually – as I evolve and learn to understand that visual art expresses what we know without words but with experiences and sensory understanding.

My work is rarely planned out in advance as I approach a new piece of work. I typically have a process where colors are decided beforehand and I just let loose on the canvas with nothing in my logic mind. I let my angst, joy, frustration, silliness, or a thousand other feelings dictate the movement of the work. It’s enjoyable to learn how people perceive the finished pieces and tell me what they feel I might have been thinking when I created the piece; sometimes they’re spot on, sometimes not so much. But it gives me great joy when my work evokes strong feelings and the most interesting interpretations.

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Patti Walsh is open on Saturday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

Come visit me at Grumpy’s NE on Saturday, May 15th, from 1:00 to 7:00 PM as a part of the ARTIFICIAL WORLD outdoor art show. Grumpy’s is located at 2200 4th Street NE, 3 blocks south of Lowry NE. Stop by and ogle at this exhibit where it’s 100% no natural ingredients. Featuring the incredible work of DR. CYCLOPS, KII ARENS, MARX PRESENTS, HAZE XXL, ROB MCBROOM, AESTHETIC APPARATUS, KEROSENE, MATH.1, LISA PEMRICK, BRIAN DAVID DOWNS, ROXY MOUSE & SARAH DAVIS! And moi… they’ve rolled out the barrels for this one….

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