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450 Etna St
Studio 203
St Paul, MN 55106
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Photozaic & Photography Artist statement

I believe it’s the little experiences we encounter daily that complete the big picture of life.  You will see that I do this in my Photozaics.  When looking at my art don’t see it as broken pieces but look at the complete picture and it will captivate you as Mother Nature does for me.

I start with a photograph, a gift given to me by my father.  My subject matter is driven by my ability to go out shooting with an open mind allowing Mother Nature to show me what she wants to be captured.  I look at my scene and decide; am I going for color, texture, lines, mood, or drama? This helps me decide if I shoot color or infrared.

My photography is many things, depending on my environment when capturing the image. When shooting infrared, this style of photography brings another worldly look to my photographs, almost a dreamlike state that has a 3D effect. My color images, I primarily use to grab the vibrancy that Mother Nature’s glory offers up to us. I create images that make you feel like you are there with me in the scene.

I color match the stained glass to my image; hand-cut and tumble.  Hand cutting the glass is time-consuming in a rhythmic way allowing me to zone out and only focus on my art.

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