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Guest at: Solar Arts Building

450 Etna St apt 203

St Paul, MN 55106
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Natalie McGuire

Bio / photography

I have always been a fan of Ansel Adams and Bob Ross’ style, even though Bob was a painter, I loved watching his programs on the local PBS.  Really drove me to get out and be with nature.  My parents loved to travel via RV when I and my brothers were younger.  I believed that the road trip was a part of the journey and we all got to see a lot of America that you just can’t get from a plane.  My photography is little mosaics pieces of my memory that I capture and share with the world. Photography is second nature to me and allows me to express how I see things in day-to-day life. This gift was given to me by my father.  My surroundings play a big role in my photography story.  When I am out in nature with my camera, it’s through texture, lines, colors, etc., that I get my inspiration.  I primarily use color images to capture the vibrancy of Mother Nature’s glory, but when the mood and setting are just right, I photograph in infrared.  This style of photography brings another worldly look, almost a dreamlike state that has a 3D effect.  The images I create help me connect with you, making you feel as if you are there with me, as well as giving you a peaceful feeling that inspires your imagination to wonder what lies beyond.

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I will be on Exhibit at Solar Arts Building’s 3rd floor

Address: Solar Arts Building

711 NE 15th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55413


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