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3134 California St NE

3134 California St NE
#106 B
Minneapolis, MN 55418
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Cell: Call 612-387-5564

An Accidental Painter~

Hi there, I am Michele Victoria Helen Kraft, Victoria Helen.

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were an adolescent ? I did not.

My artistic life, is my life. I’ve always been an observer. I spent the first half of life trying on various professions for size.  Never quite the right fit, too tight, too loose, too hectic.  I found floral design. I loved the creativity it could bring. I loved vibrant and the subtle colors.  It fit for a long time. Until it didn’t. I needed a new challenge.  I needed a reboot. To start over from scratch. The bare bones.

I love cats, dogs, birds, fish, nature. I began to draw, I did some crafty things. I picked up some tiny canvases and some paint. I bought more paint and more canvases. I moved across the country, and stumbled into a community of highly skilled painters and artists of many mediums. Way ahead of me. They were doing it, creating. I wanted to try, but never dreaming that I could achieve those heights.  In my tiny living room, I began to paint and paint. My muses came from my head. They came from under the water, deep into the depths of the ocean I have never explored. I painted octopuses, over and over, for a few years. Using the tentacles teach me direction, perspective, shading, highlights. I started to put together art shows with bands. It started to take off, but something didn’t feel right. I left. I needed to move back to my home state. My family called. 

Another reboot. Another new life. 

Paint and paint, trying to find my painting self. I started to paint chickens, owls, fox, more owls, more chickens. I started getting commissions and involving myself with charity through my art.

 My painting self, Victoria Helen Art, started to emerge. Today, I create living cartoons. A mixture of some reality with fantasy. Holding onto the humor, influenced by the creatures we love and see everyday.

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Michele Victoria Helen Kraft is open on Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

I have original paintings and prints of my original work. Family friendly.

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Michele Victoria Helen Kraft takes commissions.

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Michele Victoria Helen Kraft also takes orders through their own website:

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