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1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 285
Minneapolis, MN
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I founded ArtAndes in Peru in the mid-eighties and have been designing both textiles and culture journeys in the Andes ever since. The stunning handwoven rugs have iconographic designs rooted in Pre-Colombian times with a contemporary flair. My passion for Peru started as a backpacking exploration to the Andes. The majority of my travels were to remote Quechua villages, where the indigenous people were weavers and farmers. Due to their dire need for a weaving market, I started working closely with two families on textile marketing, design and weaving quality.

Many traditional designs have been reintroduced to today’s weavers through my collection of classic textile books, museum visits and extensive historical research. The weavers I work with had never been to a museum & Lima has the largest ancient textile collection in the world, spanning from about 3000 B.C. to the present!

Our Textiles are incredibly complex in technique. All the wool yarn is hand-spun on a drop spindle. This important step ( that has almost entirely been replaced by machines) is the heirloom quality we learned from studying the ancient weavings. The yarn is hand-dyed based on local plant, mineral and insect knowledge. The complicated tapestry technique makes for a tight & durable weave. The textiles are rich in cultural heritage, they reflect an ancient tradition of expression and human fortitude.

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