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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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In both my life and my art practice, I believe in trying things to see if they work. I’m not sure I even accept the concept of “mistakes”. I have confidence that if we regard everything as an experiment, we can enjoy a life filled with wonder and creativity. Through my art I hope to inspire others to see these kinds of possibilities.

In my textile art practice, color is my main element. My tools include a sewing machine, a rotary cutter and straight edge, an iron, and a seam ripper. I cut my chosen fabrics and assemble them with a focus on texture and contrast. Then I cut again and again, and reassemble those pieces. The way I work mixes the techniques of drafting, quilting, collage, and weaving.

In my drawing practice, I use soft pastels on a special sanded paper. The pastel sticks I work with range from very hard to very soft, allowing me to fuse the skills of drawing and painting into one activity. I layer color upon color and use bold mark-making to explore the depths of my emotions and my relationship with the world.

I grew up in rural Minnesota, exploring the woods, fields, and barns of our family farm. I took art classes constantly and dreamed of becoming an artist. In 1999, I received my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Architecture from the University of Minnesota. In 2002, I earned my Masters of Architecture degree from the University of Washington, Seattle. After becoming a mother, I left the architecture field to pursue being a professional artist. I live in Minneapolis with my husband and three kids.

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