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Q.arma Building

1224 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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I paint lonely, abandoned things. Sometimes eerie, haunting things. My subjects are the rural – farmhouses, schoolhouses, prairie churches, barns, windmills, and military structures; and the institutional – nineteenth century insane asylums, hospitals, and sanatoriums. I also explore some not-so-abandoned historic buildings and their architectural details. Sometimes people (we can be lonely too). The fox that guides my visions. Using traditional media (watercolor, oil, colored pencil, graphite) I give expression to a world of shadows just outside attention.

When people forget a place and move on, there is something they leave behind – it’s there in that paint that peels away revealing layers of other paint colors underneath; it’s in those cracks in the windows; it’s in the sink full of dishes left waiting to be washed and put away but never are; it’s in the patterns the light makes coming through the windows, touching the floor here or the wall over there; it’s in the way the grass outside moves in the wind like ocean waves; it’s in the lonesome tree whose leaves rustle as they tell what they’ve seen, if only we could understand their whispers.

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