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I experiment with many art forms, and they call to me at different times. Many of my images come to me in my dreams, and they are abstract, so I struggle to represent them. They have to do with solving problems, or “finding the way.” This can be through portals to other dimensions or traveling the metaverse. The paths are obscure, but usually there is one true path that with persistence will take one through to the other side. I use acrylic paints for the fluidity I need in expressing these nebulous images.

On the other hand, my marker art seems to take on a life of its own. I put pen to paper, and the lines seem to flow of their own accord, and it’s only when I’m finished that I sometimes see a larger picture of what’s been represented. Often, music is guiding my hand. Sometimes I know I need jagged edges, and other times I need to be curly cued and non-linear. Choosing the colors for my black line art is my favorite thing, and I love the color explosions!

Weaving fulfills my need to create texture, and is a great winter pasttime.

I also tie dye and especially appreciate the canvas of a large tapestry. The diffusion of colors brings me great joy and all the hidden secrets that are revealed when the tie dye is untied and washed out is like the anticipation of opening a package on Christmas.


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Marcy Hokenson is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

I will be at Broken Clock Brewery during Art-a-Whirl. Come see me and my work!

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