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Most recently, Madalina’s personal interest in painting my nails has made her nail polish collection get a little out of hand. She thought to herself one day, nail polish is too wonderful for just your nails. Her inner crow needed it more places and she thought earrings are a great start. Everyone can enjoy wearing earrings as long as their ears are pierced! There are many personalities when It comes to glitter and how it behaves in the light. The lack of glitter, magnetic and multi-chrome pigments in paint pushes me to challenge the people’s perception of what colors and finishes are possible. At the same time, Madalina shares her collection of special effects nail polish as a means of recycling what she already has to paint her earrings. As an avid consumer of statement jewelry, Madalina has always thought large statement earrings could be pushed to their limits while also staying lightweight. She started with wood laser-cut earrings in shapes that mimic her style as a henna artist. Madalina paints each pair with very unique nail polish to provide earrings that reflect her creativity and the wearer’s personality. Madalina’s goal is to introduce something new and something accessible to her fellow dragons that love sparkly and shifty colors as much as she does.

Madalina also holds ten years of experience teaching art, eight years experience in photography, and five years with a BFA in graphic design. Madalina is currently in the process of applying to the field of graphic design. Her strengths are typographic logos and digital illustration.

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