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As a fiber artist, I connect with the artists and peoples before me. From the storytelling of ancient tapestry to weaving cloth for daily life, a story is connected to each of us. The process of weaving is slow. The methodic rhythm of passing the shuttle through the warp and back again provides me a moment of respite—a moment to set aside the fast pace of everyday life and connect back to that ancient time. Though there are many ways to weave, I use a basic frame loom. On my frame loom, I work to create a modern tapestry with media ranging from abstract to subject-specific. Sometimes a textured frenzy of color is what the soul needs; other days, a fiber depiction of a houseplant or llama brings a smile to my face. By using a range of weaving techniques and embroidery, I can create a piece that comes to light in its own way.

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