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Who wouldn’t want an app that’s engaging, highly entertaining and helps you learn a new language?

That’s the question LanguageLevel LLC has been itself for the past 2 years.

If you haven’t heard of us: LanguageLevel is a Minnesota small business that offers private tutoring, classes, and digital support for learning a language. It currently offers lessons/classes for learning French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. It also specializes in ESL lessons and classes for native Spanish-speakers.

Recently, the business has branched off to include an indie game development studio, whose goal is to produce digital art and launch its first language-learning app in 2022 called LanguageRunes. The goal of the app is to provide learners with an accessible, locally-crafted, artistic, and effective app for learning English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. LanguageRunes is aimed to gamify language learning to the next level and make the language-learning process so entertaining that learners do not notice they are learning. Here is a link to the official website for more great information:

Although there are some pre-existing language-learning apps (like DuoLingo and RosettaStone), LanguageLevel believes that none of them rise to the potential that the gamified experience can truly achieve. Likewise, the aesthetic experience of learning a language in a digital format could be much more artistically profound than current language apps show. LanguageRunes is also an artistic work that incorporates pixel art , minigame design, multiplayer function, turn-based battle system, and UI layout that add a visually compelling component that captures the attention of players.

One of the biggest outcomes that LanguageLevel hopes to achieve is that parents will be able to give their children a game they like to play that actually gives them a life skill they can use!

Whether you are a casual gamer, or you don’t playing video games at all: LanguageRunes can make the process fun enough to get over the initial hump of starting a language and keep the fire of motivation burning brightly!

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