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Kristin Leach is a visual artist and textile artisan. She received a BA in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota in 2009 after transferring from UW-Stout. She has spent most of her life painting and drawing, and has shown her previous work around the Twin Cities over the course of many years. In 2012 Kristin moved to Seattle, WA, where she became involved with the Seattle Weavers Guild and discovered a passion for weaving. After moving back to the Twin Cities in 2016, her budding interest in textiles grew into a full-fledged dive into all things handspun and handwoven.

Kristin enjoys the many technical components of craftsmanship. The involved process of weaving on a loom and turning fiber into yarn on a spinning wheel is a way to connect to history and the many people who have created textiles. By using age-old techniques and methods, Kristin brings her personal sense of design and whimsy to each piece. Her current focus is creating a line of bespoke, handwoven garments.

With two very distinct passions, it was only natural to see how they could be joined. In her current body of work on canvas, Kristin has created a series that incorporates wool roving, acrylic paint, gel mediums and synthetic replicas of various animal eyes used in taxidermy. The result is a complex system of textures and layers, punctuated by the bold presence of watching eyes. The pale surface and the vibrant, life-like eyes create a visual contrast that is striking yet eerie. Kristin has had a lifelong fascination with the macabre and enjoys using her skillsets to create works that intrigue and provoke unexpected reactions. With this most recent series, the artist humorously invites the observer to be observed and asks the question “what fantastic things can come about if we let our imaginations run free?”



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