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Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Kendall is a painter and multidisciplinary artist who can’t make up her mind. Her work exists within a broad spectrum of artistic styles, mediums, and subjects depending on anything and nothing, although she’s most interested in the relationship between color and emotion. She uses vibrant, saturated colors in her paintings depicting bodies in spaces with both realistic form from a first person perspective, and abstract form emphasizing color blocking.

Most recently, she’s been interested in painting abstract figures with stylistic bold line and color blocking encapsulated in void spaces, drawing attention to body motion and position. This project, BODY SERIES, explores the relationship between physical form and the natural boundaries of a canvas, and how these confines parallel with the experience of being alone in quarantine during the 2020 pandemic. Her subjects, which are manifested with acrylic paint and a set of rules in mind, grant instant gratification upon their hard-lined, filled-shape compositions.

Kendall also paints process-based abstract renderings of photographs snapped from her daily life, usually from nature, which become something else entirely through acrylic or oil paint color layering guided loosely by information from the image.

She paints landscape scenes from nature in both watercolor and gouache paint using color to create a sense of mood and a feeling of perspective. Sometimes rendered plein air, her landscapes capture a freshness achieved through a quick, sketchy style.

To learn more about Kendall’s life and work, access her website and digital portfolio under the “website” tab.


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