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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 139
Minneapolis, MN
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I am a realist oil painter, though my medium prior to 2013 was ceramic sculpture, murals and pottery, which explains my love of movement and texture in my work.

As I move about my city or travel around the country, I see images that I connect with and they form the basis of my art. I work to capture the breadth of the human experience. The fleeting images of everyday life, and the places where we live, work, and play, as well as the things we create and leave behind form the body of my work. My paintings of daily life, and of objects past and present highlight our individuality, diversity, interconnectedness, and impermanence. The interplay of shadow and light; large planes and angles, and movement, serve to remind us that there is always an alternative perspective to consider.


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The Human Experience link to this group

These paintings capture different aspects of the human experience. Many of them are scenes that caught my eye during the course of a day and I took a quick reference photo. Each of them evokes a story for me.

Still Life link to this group

I occasional will paint a still life each has a personal connection or story that inspired the painting.

Architectural Themes link to this group

I enjoy the geometry, textures, and abstract qualities of painting architectural subjects.

Vintage Vegas link to this group

This series was inspired by a trip to Las Vegas in 2015 and a visit to the Neon Sign Museum, also known as, the Neon Boneyard. It occurred to me that Vegas embodies all that is human: ambition, joy, sorrow, greed, corruption, desire, creativity and beauty. The signs reflect the arc of their lives: birth, youthful vigor, success, and then retirement, sometimes to obscurity, and at other times memorialized. I found beauty in their imperfection, the wear and tear rendering them more interesting and perhaps reflecting their storied histories.


Landscape link to this group

My landscapes usually include architectural elements, and tend to focus of skyscapes.



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