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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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cell phone: Call 651-731-2972

I’m drawn to finding abstract beauty in what I see and share my feelings through paint. Usually, there is some reference to a subject. Using color, shape, line, and texture I set out to create a drama to be completed through the viewer’s imagination.

In recent years Imagery comes to me through the things I value most and wish to honor. Previously I’ve used the butterfly as a metaphor for all living things threatened by climate change and human disruption. Lately, I’m focusing on trees and forests. Many ancient species live, communicate and thrive by hidden means from which we humans could learn much. My intention is to make clear the connections I see between humans and all other living things. I seek to create compelling visual statements drawn from my own experience.

Painting is not all a rational process. As the painting evolves it calls for what it needs. There’s a magical dance between mind, paintbrush, and surface. It evolves. I want to leave some mystery for the viewer. In the process, painting feels like exploration or meditation, very personal. When finished though I hope it will have a larger life. I feel most successful when someone else feels connected to my work. 


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Judy Fawcett takes online orders for pickup through this website.

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Judy Fawcett takes commissions.

Online Store

Small Acrylic Paintings link to this group

These are small acrylic paintings, a mix of playful squares from my imagination some more realistic, some more abstract.

Small Watercolor Paintings link to this group

Here you’ll find small watercolors some mounted on wood, some matted ready to be framed.

Medium Paintings: Watercolor and Acrylic link to this group

Medium-sized watercolor and acrylic paintings.

Large Paintings link to this group

These larger paintings are memories of places close to my heart and some from my environmental series. In the latter group, I’m seeking to honor species that are threatened by climate change and lack of human awareness and protection.

Mixed Media Work link to this group

These pieces result from experimenting, texturing and painting polymer mediums on canvas or wooden blocks.

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