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California Building

2205 California St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
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I make images about natural places.  I hope to create primary experiences –for myself as I work, for viewers who replace me in confrontation with the work— a transformation that offers back, in the languages of color, stroke, texture, movement what can be experienced of place. In so doing I rely on and open to others empathy, emotion, memory and time.

The places I choose are well known to me. I have made work about my garden at night, about Wistman’s Wood in Dartmoor, UK, about my father’s Holocaust experience, and about the nature reserve along the Minnesota River, historically Dakota homeland, during seasonal flood and drought. Thoughts about knowing a place intimately, about history, nature and change are active as I walk and in retrospect as I work.

People tell me the work is beautiful, not an easy beauty but one that includes the fierceness of destruction, the cycles of decay and hopefully, replenishment. People also tell me that they use my work to ignite their memories, to revisit their own experiences in these or similar places. In order to engage in protecting our wild places and the multiplicity of ways in which they are essential, we need awe and pleasure alive within us.

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