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Solar Arts Building

Indeed Brewing Co
Studio 202
711 NE 15th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Visual artists are like storytellers. Everyone really has a story to tell, demonstrate or live by. People are seen and understood by their story. It’s a way to get at the source of a person’s life, direction and intention.

Sometimes a person can be summed up in a single word or phrase. For me, the word is “playful”. That is the source and under current spring from which I am blessed to be able to drink from.

To achieve this I refer to the comedian, Gene Wilder, who once said at an interview, “I’m not an actor, I’m a re-actor”. He responds to what he sees, hears and feels as he improvises from a given live dialogue. For me, my process to intuitively respond, improvise and “play”. This is what I want the viewer to be able to notice and experience in my artwork. However, to improvise well it takes dedication, longevity and hard work to be successful in your field. I like to refer to the dancer Isadora Duncan, when asked how she stayed afloat in the air so long in one of her performances, simply replied, “It takes 20 years and 3 seconds”.

A line from the songwriter Bob Dylan, sums up my process, story and intention,

“To dance beneath the diamond skies, with one hand waving free”.

Joseph Haid

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