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Guest at: Solar Arts Building

711 NE 15th Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Artist Phone: Call 612-245-7824

My story starts out as kid growing up in a suburb outside of Minneapolis, MN. Due to being raised within an environment that promotes repetitiveness  and normalcy, I have always felt the urge to break out. Visual communication is more than just a term dwelling deep inside art textbooks, it is a form of expression. By utilizing and experimenting with ideas such as gesture and form, I attempt to visually communicate the beauty that creation and imagination hold. I use emotion as the driving force behind all of the pieces that I have created. The process of creation is something that I hold as very personal and important. My goal is for individuals to feel an emotional connection to my work, this is a notion that enables me to stay motivated and creative.

I recently graduated from college with a degree in fine arts and an addiction for identifying the subconscious feelings that inhabit our minds while recording them upon canvas and forging them with metal. I started my schooling with the thought of graduating and finding a semi-conventional career because I believed that was the path that would bring me financial stability and brand me with the term success. However, somewhere along my journey towards adulthood, the artwork that I was creating became much more conceptual and meaningful. It was as if the pieces of art that I was creating were conceptually communicating to me that I had a different purpose in life. As I began spending longer nights in the studio, I realized that every stroke of paint that I gestured onto the canvas were the creation and representation of my true mind and self.

I believe that visual communication is the most substantial way in which I am able to communicate these personal cognitive messages to myself. Painting and sculpture have become the medium that I am able to achieve these subconscious revelations. 

Yet, I feel as if I have only just scratched the surface of this personal concept and this journey of exploration and discoveryMy goal is to find my way in this world and to discover the true person inside of this body and outside of these paintings and sculptures. 


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Joseph Dokken is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

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