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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 339
Minneapolis, MN
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I am an Irish – German  American and like my Celtic ancestors I am an animist.

There is sacredness, spirituality in everything and it resonates with those who listen and observe.

I am a painter steeped in nature using oil and beeswax to express my relationship with the natural world which we call home.  With my art it is my intention to re-awaken in us our connection to Mother Earth, to rekindle the awe and reverence we once held for this sacred land.  Employing varying degrees of abstraction I reflect upon and interpret my emotional and physical experience with our natural world.

In an age of technology and instant gratification I offer the art of hand, head and heart; an opportunity to slow down, to contemplate and reflect upon our environment and our place within.  I seek to create a complex simplicity in my work – simple upon first glance but with a simmering complexity just beneath which draws you in for further investigation and contemplation.

Two recurring themes are the landscape broadly and the stones more specifically.  The landscape was here before us – it awaited our arrival and it will bid us farewell.  The Stones have witnessed it all – they hold the ancient memories of our past, our follies and our progress.  As John O’Donohue so beautifully wrote: “Stone is the Tabernacle of Memory”.

If there is hope for the future of Mother Earth it lies in our reviving our reverence for her unparalleled beauty, her wisdom and her brilliant designs.

James Edward Scherbarth

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