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BŪCH Fermentary & Taproom

1121 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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My art journey began in the classrooms of grade school, where a penchant for doodling often landed me in trouble. Since those formative years, I’ve channeled my mischievousness into a dedicated craft.

My work is characterized by bold lines, color, and dynamism. I draw inspiration from a variety of sources including books, comics, animation, video games, graffiti, shin-hanga woodblock prints, graphic design, data visualization, music, nature, and the interconnected narratives of humanity—including my own life and travels.

From story illustration and commissioned portraits to landscape paintings and abstract expressionism, my growing body of work is infused with exploratory energy that calls on the palette of my lived experience.

Through art, I try to express thoughtfulness, provoke playfulness, and invite viewers to tap into their energetic, imaginative selves. Whether through the pages of a book, pixels on a screen, or strokes of a charcoal pencil, I aim to bridge reality and imagination.

Join me on this quest, where every line and color has a story to tell. Let’s paint the world with joy, curiosity, and a dash of intrepid spirit.

Need a hand with a project? Let’s chat. For more, check out my website.

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