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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 155
Minneapolis, MN
Map & Directions

I create mixed fiber media 2D and 3D art to express aspects of our deeply human experiences in their conflicting yet intimately integrated ways. In developing art for our environments and our bodies, I make unique, one of a kind pieces designed to intrigue and capture the imagination of the observer. For me, art is a way of challenging the labels we so quickly rely on, focusing on the core essence of issues, and bringing more honesty and authenticity into a world that is increasingly busy and chaotic.

Ideally, my pieces end up like drops of water at the intersections of a grand spider web, magnifying the heart of the matter and focusing our attention on questions that are not easily answered yet remain hauntingly familiar. They also reveal different aspects as you descend into them and over time, leaving open the possibility for evolving connections to the questions I ask.

My art practices include experimentation, learning, failing, expression, discovery, analysis, and observation. I see life as a balanced system of opposites that sustain growth and evolution rather than any single best solution. That plays out in my work through complex layers and contrasting, interwoven media that reflect our reality.

My inspirations come from a deep love of nature and my time in places that are still raw and underdeveloped. My travels range primarily throughout North America, from Minnesota’s Northshore of Lake Superior to the Monterey coast of California, and from the mountains and rocky beaches of New England to the swampy bogs of Florida. I am fascinated by the adaptations and diversity of our ecosystems and awed by our small place in the evolution of the world as a whole. My studies of human biases and perceptions are blended over these inspirations, leading me to consider questions of our core essences in the face of surface impressions. It’s a captivating journey that I truly love sharing through my art.

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