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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Studio 317
Minneapolis, MN
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In folklore of the Shinto religion of Japan, ancient texts discuss Tsukumogami, the general term for an inanimate object that has gained a soul and self-awareness after serving its owner. In my recent work, I integrate the narrative of this tale in objects that seem to be evolving into living beings by growing arms, legs, and other human parts. Familiar objects intermeshed with less definable materials seem to crawl, stick, and grow while they are being watched. The world of humans and humanoids is merged to encourage a new perception of imaginative possibilities far from the mundane and ordinary.

My work encourages play, curiosity, and presence to viewers among a strange world where recognizable objects are integrated in bizarre ways. Blurring the lines between the uncommon and the familiar, I facilitate an innocent wonder in what exists physically and, in turn, what may exist beyond it. By blending aspects of pop-culture, consumerism, and surrealism, I construct work that immerses the viewer in a surprising world of uncertainty and comfort. Now a participant, the viewer has entered a funhouse of benign unpredictability. 

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