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California Building

2205 California Street Northeast

Minneapolis, MN
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Intricate, finely executed reproductions of natural beauty. Botanical jewelry cast in high karat gold and in silver, set with precious and semi precious stones. Sculpture that reflects my ruminations on the psyche.

Mother Nature is the deep and beautiful matrix of our existence. She is, brilliantly, a million times a million things firing simultaneously, just like neurons or starlight – an immeasurable hodgepodge that operates much like the unconscious. All the crazy shifting and morphing ‘out there’? It goes on, equally, inside our heads. In her fluid complexity and myriad forms she is the entity that mirrors, most formidably, our inner nature, our mind. She is the psyche’s well for metaphor, and my muse.
The delicate flutes and spines of milkweed flowers, the cascading spirals of Romanesco in its soft radiant green, the diaphanous windowpane of a pollinator’s wings that lift it from one flower to the next …to contemplate Mother Nature is to discover an intrinsic logic that is sublime, dynamic, complex, and out of the reach of binary calculations. She is the embodiment of what is sacred and within her the spiritual resides. We are exalted and deepened by her. This is my jumping off point. I am a nature lover who makes things out of my great regard and endless fascination with her.
As a full blown bee spotter, my jewelry work morphs directly out of my love and admiration for pollinators and flowers. The alchemists aspired to turn lead into gold. I pursue an adjunct of their mysticism that I have dubbed, with my tongue-in-cheek, a ‘Fool’s Alchemy’. I turn flowers into gold. Using the applications of mold making and lost wax casting, I reproduce her etheric, inimitable forms into ones of everlasting permanence, that is, into metal. It is my way to breathe eternity in to her ephemeral beauty.

I am currently taking a hiatus from Second Saturdays at the California Building but will return in the Spring! If you desire work or services beforehand, please contact me with your details and to arrange an appointment. When we are all simultaneously busting out into the joyfulness of Spring, please feel welcome to come say hello during Art A Whirl, the biannual studio crawl of Northeast Minneapolis! Details to come! Follow me on Instagram for updates on my work, and daily flower and beespotting photos of my favorite pastime!

Second Saturday’s, from May through September, in addition to having my work on display during open studio events, I will happily tell you everything I know about raising Monarchs, and any ‘Show and Tell’ available will be out! Come watch the ‘cats’ munch! The Monarchs need our help and in doing so you are initiated into one of Mother Nature’s sublime performances.
To respect the health and safety of everyone concerned, masks are required.


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Gail Grabow is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

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