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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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As an interdisciplinary artist, showing at Tres Leches Art – Northrup King Bldg #173, Mpls, MN, Dominique creates collage and mixed media embellished acrylic paintings re-interpreting history with images suggesting scraps of memory and surreal dreamscapes. Using lenticular and 3-D materials, mirrors and bright shiny things, her work is loaded with detail, symbolism and depth.

Introduced to high gothic architecture as a child, “The Cathedral Project”, combines the artist’s French heritage with her Midwestern roots. By using mixed media and rare, tin, barn roof shingles as her canvas, she bridges the spiritual world invoked by gothic masterpieces with rustic architecture. The work integrates historic facades, caryatids, icons and metal embellishments to create a dreamy homage inspired by man-made wonders.

Her recent collage work, meticulously hand-cut and carefully choreographed, re-envision the escapades of Marie Antoinette, her elaborate court, coiffures, and costumes. Tiny details lend an air of surrealism to her already unusual life.

Wall sculptures in the “Giant’s Jewelry” series conceptualizes post-apocalyptic adornment created by tribal societies in a Mad Maxesque world that is both nostalgic and brutal. These whimsical wall sculptures, mobiles and assemblages fall into the genre of “Funk Art” and are created by scavenging for discarded and distressed materials which, when combined, create a unique allegory. Each piece tells a story, unveils delicate shadows and has been described as having shamanistic and mystical qualities. Represented within is the scope of human existence: suffering, sustenance, tension, hope, humor, endurance and the tenuous balance between mankind and nature.

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