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Twin Cities’ indie glam pop band, d’Lakes (also a secret acronym), amplifies universally shared emotions through hummable melodies, unpredictable genre twists, and unconfined lyrics. Most performances are enhanced with an array of visual projections and odd stage antics from the two performance artists who join the band for live shows. This is all on top of their already stunning and highly technical pop tunes that have been melting hearts around the globe since the band’s start in 2020. Their debut album “Unforgettable Cheer” was released Late Spring 2021.

d’Lakes is kind of like that weird dream you had a few years ago that was really nice because 1099 forms didn’t exist and you could talk to dogs in french and it was always warm.

d’Lakes is: Ben d’Lakes (Drums) • Drew d’Lakes (voice_guitar) • Elizabeth d’Lakes (voice_organ) Graydon d’Lakes (bass) • Joni d’Lakes (funmaker) KYM d’Lakes (funmaker) • Patrick d’Lakes (many synths)

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