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3820 42nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN
Map & Directions
i go by Dēspö

My current mediums are drawing, writing, photography and editorial collage; previous to these I designed my own clothes- this is where Dēspö was created; next will be film, and eventually music. I set goals based on production so that I’m able to move between mediums without much overlap, and I’ve found that this process limits distraction and allows me to focus on and achieve what I deem to be success within whichever medium(s) I am currently working.


The joy of creation is an end, in and of itself, and this is my primary goal as an artist: to create, and to keep creating, until I die.


My philosophy and guiding principle is to Pursue Beauty. I also use three pillars to dictate how I work:

1. I make a relative few pieces

2. I spend a lot of time on them

3. Sales are secondary


To connect:

  • Instagram @despo_artist

Purchase inquiries:



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Dēspö [dess-po] is open on Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

For Art-a-Whirl 2023 I will be exhibiting at Dashfire, inside of the Thorp Building:

1620 Central Ave. NE, Ste 152, Minneapolis, MN, 55413



Online Sales

Dēspö [dess-po] does not currently take online orders. Email or call for purchase information.


Dēspö [dess-po] takes commissions.

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