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Guest at: Solar Arts Building

711 NE 15th Ave
3rd Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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cell: Call 612-384-9943

First of all, I am not a professionally trained artist; there is no fine arts degree in my personal history. But what I do have is more than enough:  I am creative and tenacious.

I am a long-time resident of the Twin Cities community. I did not learn to appreciate my creativity until I was in my 50’s and I hope my personal story will inspire others to explore their own creativity and passion.

Cultivating community with my work is very important to me. I am a teacher by training so I love sharing what I know with others. A few years ago, I started a bead club with friends and am happiest when I can share my craft with others while also learning from them. Making custom beaded pieces allows me to invite clients to my bead studio, peruse my extensive collection and variety of beads and stones, chains, clasps, metals, collaborate on color ideas and patterns, creating one-of-a-kind jewelry that is personalized for the wearer.

I never really considered myself creative. I like order. I need my spaces to be orderly and neat, and I thought this certainly meant I was so left-brained that I was not creative. But I AM creative. With dogged persistence I have taught myself complicated beading and jewelry making techniques as well as sought out professionals to guide and teach me. I have learned how to metalsmith my own jewelry components, design and metalsmith rings with semiprecious stones, how to connect delicate beaded weaving to leather and other mediums, and basic lapidary. When I am learning and making jewelry, I connect with a joyous, deeply satisfying part of myself. My curiosity, passion, and need to learn expand as I continue to grow as a maker.

Through that journey of learning and making, I am finding my voice and honoring my unique process. Now, I use beads to create jewelry that is “orderly.” The Japanese glass beads I use click into place perfectly which, of course, I love. The designs can be abstract or precise, whatever I am feeling. Patterns of randomness or chaos can emerge within the order of my beads.  I love and need that.



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