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Casket Arts Building

681 17th Ave NE
Studio 200
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Artist statement

I am a spanglish artist.

When I was five, my family fled Castro’s regime and settled in southern Florida. My work draws on my experiences.

I use found objects and materials and think of them as artifacts. I like that objects possess haptic memory and stimulate the viewer’s own history and connections with them. I love contrasts; at the same time that I enjoy using bright colors and patterns that repeat, I love textures and subtle statements.

My art is driven by the desire to express my lifelong struggle to belong and to fit in — the immigrant process, the human process of assimilation, has led me to explore my planes of existence. Using imagery that I call “netting” and levels of transparency and value, I am looking to interpret the shared experience of displacement and disorientation that is quickly becoming a universal phenomenon.

With my work I seek to create understanding and connection by asking the viewer to explore their own biases; what alienates you from others and what alienates others from you? How can we be our authentic selves and still make room for others? Separate, but connecting.



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