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California Building

2205 California St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
Map & Directions

** ** I am putting a pause on orders–I need to catch up on printing and on life!  Send me an email if you want more info or if you have an urgent need for cards.  🙂

I am a letterpress artist.  Letterpress is a traditional printing process that uses force to press an image or text into the paper.  This creates a textured surface that can’t be reproduced with modern printing.  My printing press is about 100 years old and weighs about one ton (literally!).

I make and sell greeting cards.  Each card is printed individually by feeding it into the press.  Each color on a card must be printed separately after changing the ink color on the press.  To create the text and images, I use wood and lead type, carved linoleum blocks, and photopolymer plates.

I have been doing letterpress for about 13 years.  I learned at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts on Washington Ave.

I share a studio with my sister, Rebecca Wicklund, who makes silver jewelry.  Check out our studio photos and browse my letterpress cards!


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Beth Wicklund is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

You can get to our studio via the NW staircase in the building, or enter our studio directly from our little loading dock at 23rd & California.

Online Sales

Beth Wicklund takes online orders for shipping through this website.

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