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Casket Arts Building

681 17th Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Hi! I’m Amy, I work in NE Mpls, and I make jewelry.

I have been a designer for over 25 years, including graphic design, UX, service design, strategy and innovation work. As I moved away from more physical forms of design I needed a more hands-on way to satisfy my creativity.

My jewelry journey began in 7th grade when I started making painted seashell earrings for my friends and I picked it back up again in the mid 2000’s when one of my beaded necklaces broke and beads scattered everywhere. While I was picking up all of those beads I decided I wanted to rebuild the necklace but cooler.

My work tends to look graphical with geometric details, bold lines, and contrasting elements. I also love Art Deco and Modernist art and use those as inspirations in my designs. Lately I have been using antique dies and a die struck process for some of my work. This is an old process used during the Industrial Revolution that is being replaced by CAD and other forms of digital designing fabrication; I think some of the 100+year old designs can look really fresh and modern today.

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Online Store

Amy Pogue Brady has an external system for taking orders, separate from this website.

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