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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Amber is a multi-passionate artist. She started at the University of MN as a Theatre major/Dance minor but left for a more concentrated education in Dublin, Ireland at the Gaiety School of Acting. She went on to study in Reggio Emilia, Italy at ArsComica in commedia d’elle Arte. She has performed as an actress, dancer and singer around Europe from Greece to Northern Ireland, Mexico, and various places in the US. Truth be told, becoming a painter or sculptor was never considered to be part of her career path for two reasons: 1) in high school, a teacher (whom she didn’t particularly care for) said to her when she picked up a history project which she had included a drawing for and the teacher said as Amber left the room, “You know, that’s a really good project. You should be an artist.” Amber snapped back, “Don’t tell me what to do!” 2) she didn’t feel she belonged with the “artsy” crowd. So in her stubbornness to not listen to her teacher and naive association of who belongs where, she kept non-performing art as an amusement to pass the time.


The result today is that in her paintings, masks and sculptures all have a theatricality. Although not usually about theatre, there’s a story being told in each image. She spends special attention to detail of what colors are used where, and why. The “life” in each piece is like an actor having studied their character so thoroughly that they become indistinguishable from each other.

She still works as an actress, dancer and singer and is the Artistic Director of Asylum Theatre based in the Twin Cities, MN. Additionally, she has been teaching yoga since 2008, traveling since she got her first passport when she was 17, and has the funniest and objectively most awesome dog, lab-pit mix, Signora Babbling “Brooke.” Amber has a love for nature and all things wild.

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Amber Lee Olivier is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

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Anchored Boat on Tahiti Shore


Calle Venier, Venezia


Flower Girl




HWY 61, MN




Joyful Lady


Magical Sunset


Oh, Fiddleheads!


Peace Road, Dahab




The Man, The Legend


The Tower


The Town Bicycle of Ravenna


Venetian Escape Alley


Wild Dala


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