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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Dock 5
Minneapolis, MN
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Bio – AJ Wrobel (b. 1972 St. Paul, MN)

AJ Wrobel is a self-taught artist in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

He is best known for his breakout development of the abstract style Wolk Art, distinguishing himself as a contemporary master producing captivating abstract compositions with a bold point of difference from those of the past, wielding the dynamic characteristics of expressive art he thrives on.

These masterworks emerge through developed techniques that require a delicate balance between his methodical artistic approach while being implemented in a quite fluid manner. His works are inspired by and created from what he refers to as an intuitive connectedness that he experiences with nature.

Those acquainted with soak stain masters such as Frankenthaler will discern how his works evolve from these earlier, more “static” color field paintings into layered, atmospheric expressions of color. Highlighting his developed alla prima techniques, utilizing transparent acrylic mediums to create the final “front” compositions devoid of any surface brushwork of the soaked paint. Every value, contrasts, soft and hard edges, areas of negative space, and myriad unique expressive marks are formed from the paint pour applied to the backside of the transparent sketched unprimed canvas. Confining the composition to only what paint can permeate the canvas, allowing nature to continually speak and surprise with its spontaneous response.

His works draw the viewer right into the painting as if to explore right alongside him, he leaves areas open-ended just enough to allow room for the viewer to render their own narrative and resolve. These unorthodox works have highlights of poetic juxtaposition throughout their structure, ranging in bold employment of color with an attentive emphases of balanced negative canvas space.


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AJ Wrobel is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

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AJ Wrobel is considered mobility accessible.


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