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Casket Arts Building

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Minneapolis, MN 55413
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Abigail Ahlberg is a weaver and artist specializing in woven ikat, as well as other techniques of manipulating unwoven threads. She began her weaving education at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center in Columbus, Ohio. Taken immediately with the craft, she soon relocated to western North Carolina where she enrolled in the two year Professional Craft program at Haywood Community College. During her study, she began to experiment with warp ikat—binding groups of threads to create a resist, before dyeing them and subsequently weaving them on the loom. She is interested in exploring the structural elements of woven cloth, in tandem with the aesthetic qualities that ikat lends to it. She recently moved back to the northern Midwest, and is a new addition to the Minneapolis arts community. Abigail is drawn to natural imagery, inspired by the aspen and birch forests of her northern Midwest home. Through her woven work, she seeks to capture the magnitude and astonishment she feels when present in a natural space. In addition to her woven art practice, Abigail produces a small line of handcrafted objects for the home and body under the moniker “New Weave Textiles.” The design process for these goods is an opportunity for her to play with pattern, texture, and color in a playful and irreverent way. New Weave Textiles designs handcraft for the modern age.


Artist Statement:

Weaving is a complex craft. It requires patience, persistence, and extreme attention to detail. It has taught me both when to be relentless in my pursuit of an idea, and when to give in to the limitations of material and structure. Most importantly, weaving has taught me that I can grab hold of an idea, drag it from the tangled wild of my imagination, and give it a form in the physical world. Through my woven work, I am seeking to bring the color and pattern of the wild into a still frame. My artistic process has taught me that I am deeply interested in the specificity of place—actual trees, actual lichen—not nature painted in broad strokes, but being immersed in a place in order to know its exact details. This concept is interpreted by highlighting color and textural details of flora and fauna. The inspiration for my work is the overwhelming awe I feel when I am wholly present in a natural space. I aim to create work that can offer that depth of feeling to its viewers.

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