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A-Mill Artist Lofts

315 SE Main St
Studio 501
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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For painting inquiries, please contact me directly at (link below)

Artist Statement from January 2020 Painting Show @ Artifact Gallery in New York’s Lower East Side, on view at (link below)

This series of paintings are a representation of what I refer to as deconstructed sacred geometry. They are both representational in the analog sense, as well as abstracted, in an evocative, painterly sense. They reference the soulful sickness of the endless broken, repressed and fragmented auras of the individuals in our society, one experiencing no shortage of inflammatory trauma. These auric fields are beautiful in their diminished and weak fragility, yet quietly longing for an instinctively absent, and more importantly, dormant, sense of expanded wholeness. Each piece portrays a unique expression of a lotus flower-like geometry that is incomplete, with strands of curvatures, starting and stopping, at times snipped, patched and stitched, among layers of occasionally incoherent colors, and yet, the presence of the lotus flower’s wave-like form remains generally intact and recognizable.

Embedded in the painting, the form is ultimately understood against the backdrop of an inscribed geometry, a sacred and universal structure found deep in the energetics of natural world, in the vibratory resonance of cymatics and sound currents, built upon the non-foundation of quantum indeterminacy.

The paintings provide an opportunity to perceive the broken and fragmented auric field in a relationship of potential, to the profound energetic structure underlying reality as we have come to know it. A deep sense of reality that we, especially in the West, have cut ourselves off from with our modern day materialism and the inundation of data from the information age. Despite that, we are ­entering a time of healing and expanding awareness, through both ancient and emerging modalities. As kundalini yoga, holotropic breathwork, conscious reprogramming of the subconscious mind and various meditative practices are beginning to accelerate past the fringes of our cultural awareness, these paintings serve as a portal, an energetic vehicle if you will, between an ancient understanding of the mind, body and spirit, and the emerging paradigm of practices that seek to find their common roots in our contemporary society. That first big step towards healing has taken on new meaning with what has become increasingly available to humanity, only our belief system stands in the way.

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