What is Art-A-Whirl Online?

Art-A-Whirl Online is a website where your can find artists by map location and studio building, browse or shop over 800 NEMAA member artist profiles, view video content of art demos, studio tours & interviews, musical performance, and order takeout/delivery from NE restaurants and breweries.

How long will Art-A-Whirl Online be up?

The Art-A-Whirl Online site will be up all year-round, as it hosts unique shops for our members.

How can I participate?

By joining NEMAA! Artists and businesses who join NEMAA as members will receive a profile on nemaa.org as well as Art-A-Whirl Online, as well as be able to submit video content for the Experience section. Artists who do not currently have web shops can use the Art-A-Whirl Online platform to build a shop.


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