NEMAA Artists Featured in Minnesota Original

MN Original Visual Artist Segments NEMAA members

MN Original is tpt's award winning weekly arts series celebrating Minnesota’s creative community, across all disciplines and all cultures. MN Original increases awareness of Minnesota artists, arts organizations and arts venues, inspires viewers to think about the arts and artists in new ways and cultivates new audiences for the arts by promoting a deeper understanding of the creative process, curating contemporary arts in Minnesota for generations to come.

Check out some episodes featuring NEMAA members:

Where Are They Now?: Art-A-Whirl Edition - Throughout MN Original‘s three seasons, they've profiled a number of NEMAA artists who have helped make Northeast Minneapolis into a thriving arts community. MN Original reconnected with these artists to find out what they’ve been up to since appearing on MN Original, and what they’re looking forward to at this year’s Art-A-Whirl (aired 2012).